Sep-29th , 2016

Session Topics: Understanding Productivity; need for Productivity, implications of Productivity, optimum utilization of available resources, special focus on manpower utilization.

The Session Lead by: Shri.N.Nagarethnam is BE, MBA working as Chief Executive Officer of Abhilasha Jewellers Pvt.Ltd. Worked as General Manager with GR Thankamaligai Jewellers Pvt Ltd from 2007-10; Worked as CEO with Abhilasha Jewellers Pvt Ltd, Chennai from 2003-06; worked as Technology Manager Vispark Jewellery Manufacturers Pvt.Ltd, Coimbatore from 1999-2003. Apart from the above he has 20 yrs experience in Engg. Industry: CEO –Saravana Insulators Ltd (9 months); Sr.Management consultant with the Coimbatore Productivity Council for 7yrs; Industrial Engineer M/s. Loyal Engineering Ltd, Coimbatore  for 6yrs; Technical Assistant -Textool Company Ltd, Coimbatore for 7yrs.