The Association shall have the following classes of membership:

Institutional Members

Any Firm, Corporation, Government Enterprise, Chamber of Commerce, Professional body or Like institution interested in the development of management shall be eligible for the institutional membership. Institutional Members may be:

A) Local Institutional Members

B) Combined Institutional Members

Institutional Members

Those organizations who wish to become members of Palghat Management Association and AIMA based on the criteria laid down in AIMA Constitution.

Any individual holding a position in an industrial / agricultural / educational/ medical or commercial organization, Government Enterprise, Consulting firm or any other like establishment, which involves the study and application of management principles and the effective utilization of human and material resources, also any individual teaching management subjects in an educational institution, shall be eligible for Individual Membership. The Individual Membership fee shall be:


A. Individual Membership

  • The Annual Individual Membership Fee – Rs.1500/- Entrance Fee : Rs.100/-
  • The Life Membership Fee for Individuals – a lumpsum amount of Rs.15,000/-
  • The Annual Individual Membership for Sr. Citizen Rs.900/- Entrance Rs.100/-

B. Institutional Membership

  • Entrance Fee : Rs.1000/-
  • Membership Fee
Category Amount No. of Yrs. No. of Nominees
1 Rs.60,000/- Life Three
2 Rs.30,000/- 15 Yrs Two
3 Rs.22,500/- 10 Yrs Two
4 Rs. 7,500/- 5 Yrs One
5 Rs. 4,500/- 3 Yrs One
6 Rs. 3,000/- 1 Yr One

Professional Individual Members:

Those who are professionally qualified, hold managerial positions in industry or government and / or engaged in management teaching qualify for this class of membership. They shall, however, fulfil the specific requirements for each grade of this membership as prescribed in the AIMA Rules and accept the code of conduct.

Honorary Members :

Distinguished persons who have rendered outstanding service in the field of management may be invited by the Committee to be Honorary Members of the Association.


Any Firm, Company, Organization, Corporation or individual making a substantial donation (not less than Rs. One lakh) to the Association shall be appointed as a 'patron' of the Association. Such appointments will be decided by a majority of members of the Committee present at a meeting of the Committee. The committee will also, by a simple majority of Committee members present at a Committee meeting, decide any question as to any other form of recognition which it might consider necessary to give to patrons.

Visiting Members:

Visiting members shall have been admitted by the Committee as Visiting Member for a period not exceeding three months. The Association may receive donations from such members, as deemed fit by the Committee.

Student Members:

They shall be persons, who have attained the age of 18 years and are enrolled as students in an institution teaching management subjects or of the AIMA for its Diploma examination or of Management Association / institution for its professional examinations shall be eligible for student membership. Application for student membership shall be sponsored by the Head of the Association / Institution in which the candidate has enrolled himself as a student. No such Member shall remain student Member after reaching the age of 35 years except those who are pursuing the AIMA Diploma in management. Entrance fee: Rs. 50/-, Annual Subscription Rs, 200/-

AIMA Membership:

The association shall become a Member of the All India Management Association on complying with the AIMA requirements for the same

Regional council:

The Association shall be represented on the Southern Regional Council of AIMA, constituted as per Clause 9.1 of the AIMA Constitution. The association shall work in close collaboration with other Local management Associations in the region.

The Committee may alter the rates of entrance fee and subscription for all classes of members except those of professional Individual Members/Combined Institutional Members. These alterations shall be done by the Association in consultation with AIMA Council

Registration, Termination and Re-Admission

Members shall pay their subscriptions, latest by 30th September every year, failing which the member becomes a defaulter and in such cases the Executive Committee may decide on the continuation of the association of the member with PMA and may take a decision to terminate the membership.

Any member, who shall, for any reason, ceases to be a member, shall nevertheless remain liable for and shall pay to the Association all dues which at the time of ceasing to be a member may be due from such member to the association.

A member whose membership has been terminated during any year, shall not be entitled to any rebate of membership subscription paid or payable for that year irrespective of the date on which his membership was terminated.

A member, who membership has been terminated may seek re-admission provided he pays all the arrears of subscription and such other monies as may be due from him to the Association framed for this purpose if any.

On admission, a member shall be informed in writing and upon payment of the subscription to the Association or to the AIMA as the case may be, applicable to his/her/its class of membership, but not before, the member shall be entitled to the privileges and advantages of the Association as a member.

All individuals who, being members of any other Management Association affiliated to the AIMA, are admitted to membership of the Association on transfer from such Association shall not be charged subscription for that period of the current financial year, for which they were members. They will also be exempted from payment of entrance fee.

A member, who leaves the territory and resides at a place, where there is no Local Management Association, no entrance fee is to be charged, if he wishes to join the Association again on returning to the territory.